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It’s come round to that time of the year again! Everyone beginning to get in the festive mood.

All the big tins of chocolates, mince pies and other festive food is on the supermarket shelves and temptation to over eat and not within moderation!

This year @reconditionme is doing FITMAS, to keep everyone active and moving throughout the holiday season.

Nowadays everyone buys their gifts off the internet; a great way to help yourself stay fit and healthy is to get yourself down your local high street! Not only are you supporting the local economy, but also getting those steps in, burning calories and shopping what else could you ask for!! (A cheeky marshmallow hot chocolate perhaps)

Over the 25 days of December leading up to Christmas we will be releasing various posts, challenges and opportunities for you followers to get involved!

No excuses either, even if you have family members coming over, get them to join in, take them to your gym, or out and about to help you reach or maintain your goals.

HO HO HOPE you enjoy the FITMAS challenge! Tag @reconditionme & #reconditionme on Instagram, Twitter & Tik Tok.

Thanks for reading.

Aaron Goacher

Founder Recondition Me

Aaron is a graduate Sports Therapist, Fitness Coach and has been training since the age of 15, after suffering from an illness which stopped muscle growth and function, he has always had an interest in everything sports, health and fitness related.

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