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Meet Recondition Me

Yo, nice to meet you, my name is Aaron Goacher.

I started Recondition Me as a way to show my Health and Fitness journey through social media to be able to hold myself accountable for my training and nutrition, keeping myself on track and importantly achieve the best shape and mentality, before progressing to using my knowledge and expertise to create a personal fitness brand which offers Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching, advice and guidance.

Throwback to just after I started training to a month long trip to California. Thought I was JACKED BRO!
Reconditioned Me-self to the best shape, fitness and nutrition I’ve ever been in! (2019)

My Story/Background:

As a 12 year old kid I suffered from a rare muscular condition called Myasthenia Gravis (MG) which translates from Greek as ‘muscle‘ ‘weakness‘ which basically resulted in the ability to talk, swallow, blink, walk/run, and all the other annoying things a pre-teen gets up to.

After a year back and forth from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital and days of shear embarrassment not being able to talk or partake in playing football (Definitely could of been a pro! 5ft 2 goal keeper with multiple clean sheets, goals and assists) & social activities with my friends, I finally was put on a daily dose of drugs before 2 weeks of being bed bound in a London Hospital with various tubes and monitors dosing and analysing my blood/plasma.

From surgery to back home, I was bored and tired of being able to watch TV & play Call of Duty (Xbox) all day. I’d watched all my favourite shows and movies 10 times; became a MLG Pro on COD (Pro Gamer!), I actually asked for homework to be sent from school!

Then I came across a YouTube video of a guy doing a home workout and lifting weights. I thought this guy and the workout looked amazing! So as soon as my parents had left for work, I started doing press ups, sit ups, high knees, using whatever I could as weight for bicep curls and shoulder press, squats, lunges THE LOT!

3 months post surgery and I’m running 5 to 10k down my local seafront promenade with my best mates with weighted bags, doing hill sprints, cycling everywhere non-stop.

Then I joined a gym and started training but having absolutely no clue or guidance except for random videos I found online or what my brother and mates were doing.

6 months post surgery – check up with the Specialist Doctor, had to assess my talking, swallowing and skeletal muscle strength. He stopped half way through, open mouth in shock, looked at the specialist nurse, looked at my mum and asked “how is he stronger then me?”, my mums reply “I’ve told him he needs to slow down but he’s always out running or riding his bike till 11 at night, or down the gym with his mates for hours”.

Now being 13/14 years old, back to pretty much full fitness I knew I wanted some sort of life in the Sports/Fitness industry but no clue what or how.

Fast Forward to 16 years old, going gym once or twice a week, messing about playing different sports and running and cycling anywhere and everywhere possible. My friends knew me as the kid who would run 100 miles and still be able to run 100 more, they hated playing football against me for the pure reason that I was determined to win and not stop til I had done so!

Let’s skip a few years –> finished school –> went to college and studied business for 1 year before 2 years of Sports & Exercise Science which led me onto gaining my Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification and randomly ending up at the University of Chichester studying Sports Therapy.

For me I wouldn’t say university is what I’d do again if I could rewind the years but it has definitely made me who I am today and although I’m crap at sitting still and listening to someone speaking Latin and a million words a second which my brain cant compute, I am good at thinking on my feet and then backtracking later when my brain has caught up!!

My course and the group of friends I made definitely helped me progress my own training along with using all the knowledge I had picked up from college and youtube vids of a shredded jacked American dude yelling at me how to get bigger biceps! (And that I did do! ahahaha)

Now 23 years young, in the best shape of my life, feeling incredible, training is incredible and being able to teach others how to train, push themselves and share my knowledge with them in a simple and clear manner! However, I want to push what I do to everyone, including you!

I’ll be sharing free content, but the real gold mine is in hiring ya boi as an online coach.

Now you’ve read my story, you know my value, you know where I’ve come from and to where I am now! Whether you are looking for fat loss, lean muscle gain, how to bulk correctly and still keep in good shape send a message to Recondition Me through

– Instagram @reconditionme

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– Email

Thanks for taking your time to read my story, I’ll see you in the dm’s! πŸ˜‰

Aaron Goacher – Recondition Me

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