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My Spanish Summer

Oi oi, summer 2018 was amazing, however I never recovered from all the casual night drinking and indulging in glorious meals & snacks, with lack of proper training due to travelling back and forwards between working and many a trips to the wonderful Spanish hot sun. Also one of the longest hottest summers I can remember all I did was lay out side or watch the World Cup!

However, along the way I did try train and work off all that cheap beer, wine and paella off! Now I’ve set a brand new workout program and after slowly testing the waters and my limits I’ve devised a workout plan I can enjoy and keep to, so I can get shreddy for summer.

You can download/screenshot/copy it all on the previous post. Let me know how you get on.

Anyway, I can’t wait for more travel and adventures and most likely plenty of trips back out to my family apartment in Spain!

Hasta Luego



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